Code of Conduct


IRONFIST is founded on the ideals of Honor and Brotherhood, it is through these tenets that we derive our community and culture.
For the entirety of IRONFIST's existence, it has been expected of its members and guests that they show respect to one another. To uphold and ensure this standard of respect, all are required to follow this Code of Conduct. In short, all of the brothers and sisters of IRONFIST must be respectful to one another; be mindful that regardless of our common purpose and direction we come from varied backgrounds and histories.

All members and guests are disallowed from expressing bigotry or prejudice in matters of:
  • Gender and Sex
  • Race and Ethnicity
  • Sexual Orientation

Furthermore, members and guests are disallowed completely from:
  • Utilizing Bannable Exploits/Hacks/Cheats of an Online Game
  • Sexual Harrassment
  • Poaching Members of IRONFIST
  • Griefing (unless the game encourages it, Dark Souls)

Expressions in these topics are considered taboo, and are inexcusable within the culture and community of IRONFIST. Consider this similar to the language restrictions commonplace in an office environment. We expect and ask any member who hears an incident in violation of this Code of Conduct to report the incident to an officer, and for a report to be made so that punishment and repercussions can be considered for the perpetrator.
Breaking this Code of Conduct is an anathema to the fundamental ideals of Honor and Brotherhood that define IRONFIST and its community. Punishment and repercussions will vary by the incident, depending on the severity.

If a member or guest of IRONFIST takes such a disrespectful action, they can expect to be punished along (but not limited to) the following lines (in order of severity):
  • Publically Chastised
  • Silenced in Guild Chat or Game-Equivalent
  • Compelled to Apologize to the Community
  • Banned from Voice Communications for 24 Hours or more (even permanently)
  • Barred from IRONFIST Operations/Raids
  • Removed from IRONFIST
  • Banned from the IRONFIST Website
  • Reported to the Police/Law Enforcement

Immediate action may be taken by IRONFIST officers who are available, while serious repercussions may be dispensed after the incident report has been discussed by the Officer Corps and Command Council. In exceptional cases, the Command Council has been forced to directly handle incidents of high severity (Sexual Harrassment/Stalking) or violations which have been perpetuated by Officers.

If you feel that the spirit of the Code of Conduct has been broken, though not the letter, please approach the Command Council to report this incident, as they have before been made to pass punishment in such cases.

Though it is disappointing that occasionally the more severe responses must be used to meet with the disrespectful actions of our members and guests, we must take these actions to maintain the resolve and strength of our Brotherhood. Those who find amusement in violating these policies are either in the wrong institution or must reform themselves to appropriately befit our community.