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BFA: What are you playing and why.

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  • BFA: What are you playing and why.

    As of right now I am stuck between Demon Hunter and Warlock. I am leaning towards Demon Hunter because I have been playing them since they came out and they are able to hold my attention long enough for me to enjoy grinding out PvP with him. I tend to be more into melee toons for some reason and casters just don't have enough to keep me interested in their game play.

    But for warlock I have been rocking the affliction spec it is soooo nice to play a rot class that can get so tanky. With DH, if you make a mistake you are more than likely dead in PVP where with warlocks you make a mistake you know you have a lot of chances again to get it right. They have such good self sustain, health stones, portal and teleports not to mention syphon life, singularity and drain health.

    So anywho what are you guys looking forward to playing the the expack? Oh and btw, Survival hunters are looking very interesting from what I have seen so far through the re-work.

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    I'll be playing my Warlock for BfA - I just made a Void Elf Warlock and I too rolled Affliction, it is OPOPOP and I LOVELOVELOVE it. I might roll with my Rogue or Hunter ONLY if something gets horribly changed with Warlock. Right now it is Warlock > Rogue > Hunter for my order, with Warlock VERY far in the lead.

    Also I have been PvPing a TON and the new BG is AMAZBALLS, if anyone wants to team up.


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      Yeah, the spam of soul drain really was the only issue I had with afflication, But in BFA they have brought back shadow bolt and added demon bolt talent which instantly does 35% of all you dots damage on the target.


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        Yea, I built around destroying someone in 3.5 seconds - between pvp talens and regular talent. I can drop a DH with 3-4 UA's and a full pledge of dots in 1-2 drains.

        Even when I get spell locked in a 1v1 I still can come out on top with ~75% hp left.


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          Don't think you are facing any good DHs ^_^


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            Also, Survival hunter changes are amazing so far. They have added everything I miss about hunters and added some cool stuff and making them have some range when needed.


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              I'm glad to hear survival hunters are getting some love, because this expansion for a new role, they sucked ass.


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                I'm gonna stick with healing, but I'll level a Monk on the server. I love Mistweaver, but more than likely, I'll keep rocking Disc Priest.