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UI - What are you using? Show it off!

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  • UI - What are you using? Show it off!

    Hey everyone,

    So it is time to get back to tweaking your UI and make it pretty for WoW. Recently pushing_pixels and I swapped over to Goldpaws's UI for WoW and damn does it look good. Has some really nice edges, and a clean font, and everything just looks beautiful.

    I have attached some screenshots of it, what mine looks like and what the customization windows look like as well..

    User interface Goldpaw User interface Goldpaw customization windows

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    I would like to pimp something, it isn't a UI but I am now the maintainer of this mod:

    It is a fork of:


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      These are on my Monk on Thrall. Gonna get my Priest geared up closer to the release. Took me months to get this layout down. Plus, I'm digging WeakAuras now.